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Ipswich Croquet Club (UK)

the game

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Croquet came to England in 1851 and grew to huge popularity in the next 30 years. A hundred and sixty years on it still thrives. In England, the Croquet Association has 2,000 members, the 185 clubs have over 6,000 members, and 30 countries now belong to the World Croquet Federation.

There are two forms of the game:

Association Croquet is an enthralling game where, like snooker, you have the chance to build breaks and games can become quite tactical. People who have played Garden Croquet will likely recognise this form.

Golf Croquet is a quicker and less involved game which can be very sociable.

Both forms can be played for fun or competitively at Ipswich Croquet Club.

our history


Ipswich Croquet Club was founded over 100 years ago, and first played on Portman Marshes (where the football ground is now). In 1930 it was established in Christchurch Park, but increasing problems with parking and facilities led us to move to Fynn Valley in 2012.

Located 3 miles north of Ipswich, our two full sized lawns are situated at Fynn Valley Golf Club within their beautiful grounds.

Ipswich members have long contributed to the administration of the sport at regional and national level, and our secretary is a past Secretary-General of the World Croquet Federation.

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