Welcome to Ipswich Croquet Club

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Croquet Is A Sport Of Skill and Tactics.

It is a challenging sport that involves a great deal of ball control, strategy, angles, and guile, and is often described as a mixture of chess and snooker on a large lawn. Great satisfaction can be derived from outwitting the more physically skilled opponent because in croquet the head is as important as the mallet.

A Warm Welcome to Newcomers at Ipswich.

If you want to pit your skills and wits against a worthy opponent, or simply while away a balmy summer’s evening in convivial company, Ipswich Croquet Club offers it all.

At Ipswich Club Croquet Club the game is enjoyed by all ages and backgrounds, and we pride ourselves on being most friendly and welcoming to visitors and members alike whether absolute beginners or experienced experts.

So come along to one of our club sessions (see: ‘About Us’) and give it a go. An introductory game will cost you nothing and there will be a friendly face to show you the ropes. We have the equipment; all you will need to bring is a pair of flat-soled shoes.